The NSSI Oversight Group (OG) has identified GIS and Remote Sensing as priorities for the NSSI. The Remote Sensing and GIS Subgroup was formed during the June 2006 meeting of the NSSI Science Technical Advisory Panel (STAP) as a way to organize and provide advice in these fields to the OG. The following STAP members have volunteered to serve on this subgroup committee:

Subgroup Members:

  • Bob Shuchman (lead)
  • Doug Kane
  • John Kelley
  • Bill Streever
  • Kim Titus
North Slope Science Initiative GIS & Remote Sensing Focus Group Meeting

February 6 & 7, 2007

University of Alaska Fairbanks, IARC Building Room 401, Fairbanks, Alaska


Attendee List

Presentations from Meeting

Focus Group Meeting Resources

Remote Sensing Short Course Materials

Baseline GIS Data Layers

Remote Sensing Presentation

Remote Sensing Information Needs for the North Slope Science Initiative

Oceanographic Information Obtainable from Satellite Data

Sea Ice Information Obtainable from Satellite Data

February 6, 2007
February 7, 2007